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Welcome to

Reader's Garden

Lecturas psíquicas en línea

Reader's Garden is a unique online space dedicated to personal growth and spiritual development.


We at, welcome all people to this space to receive the healings and energy work they need.  We focus on providing our clients with an insightful experience, through our amazing psychic readings.


Our goal is to help people gain clarity & independence so that they can make the most of their lives, reach their full potential, or simply find their next steps.


Our team of experienced psychics is passionate about helping people connect with their inner self and find their true purpose.

Psychic EnergyWorld Memberships
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The Reno Psychic Institute

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We do offer a full range of services to suit your needs now including:

Abortion Counseling Services & LGBTQ+ Questions and Spiritual Care. 

(See above headings for quick access)

Be sure to check out two pages full of

Psychics & Healing Workers available to you. 

Contact us at:

Many Clients Found Clarity and Comfort recently.  Read our priceless testimonials below!

Blue Skies

Star Monreal

I love Reader's Garden I have been able to connect with some of the most outstanding readers.  Give it a try there so many readers to pick from all with different gifts to choose from you won’t be disappointed.


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 Medium, Teacher, Clairvoyant Intuitive, Past Life Reader

Wild Nature

Practicante consumado en toque vibratorio cuántico y manos en la curación.  Sanador Intuitivo, Clarividente,

Consejero Espiritual y Médium

Maple Tree
IMG-0692 (1)_edited.png


Accomplished Usui & Holy Fire Reiki Master

Clairvoyant, Energy Healer, Specializing in Relationship Readings & Communications with those that have passed on.

Blue Couch


Animal Intuitive & Communicator

Hilly landscape at dawn


Accomplished Psychic Intuitive, Medium, Tarot Card Reader, Hypnotist, Past life Regression, Personalized Guided Meditations, Healer, & Candle Incantations


Fundador y Director del Instituto Psíquico de Reno y Fundador de la Iglesia de la Luz Interior desde 1979.

Escritor consumado, maestro, clarividente, sanador y reverendo.

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