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"Happy Relationships" Series

Happy and Healthy Relationships are vital to everyone!

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In this four session package we will explore, heal and nurture the various levels of valuable relationships in your life!

First session - Loving yourself

Finding your "forever  person" takes place when you learn to have a healthy relationship with yourself first!

Second session - Intimate Relationships

We explore the energy and beliefs regarding your intimate experiences.

I review the contract and agreements between you and your partner.

Third session - Co-workers & Friends


We review your relationships with these individuals and look into "Karmic debt" beliefs with them.

Fourth session - Family

Understand the role you play in your personal family constellation.  We finish with you having a more grounded feeling of self worth and a compassionate understanding of your past.

Mastering Intuition

Enroll in the Mastering Intuition course to:

Expand Your Awareness

Utilize the Power of your different Chakra Energies

Identify Vibrational Fields in you Own Body

Learn the significance of Color & Symbols in Spontaneous Visualization

Discover the balance of Creative and Destructive energies

Explore the various types of Clairvoyance and Mediumship

Refine your Skills

Tap into your Inner Body verses Outer Body Wisdom

Practice Chakra Grounding & Healing

Learn & Practice the 7-Stage Reading System

Perform 7- Aura Readings

Develop Confidence in Reading through Practice

Discover your Peace

Create Energetic Boundaries

Tap into & engage your Spirit Guides

Heal emotional pain and places of invalidation

Clear  out Chord Chakras and Stuck Energy

Build your Confidence

Work through stuck energy and blocks

Stay out of Effort

Address and Deal with Doubt

Cope with Imposter Syndrome