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Mr Kittles ಠ_ಠ

I have had nothing but calming and reassuring experiences while working with Carrie at readers garden, if you ever feel lost, stuck or are just going through a hard time with anything known or unknown that needs to be addressed Carrie is the one to go to. She has shed so much love, light, healing and insight upon me with every session.

She is very kind hearted, patient and always brings the sun with her to light up my day. While working with Carrie I have been presented with so many things that were influencing me making me have unsettling and unpleasant days and after the seasons I’d feel so released from them. She is very specific and gives amazing advice on how to take care of yourself, love yourself and others around you.

She has helped with so much trauma that I didn’t even realize was still stuck within me as well as giving amazing readings about how my chakras were functioning, she would also clean them and would tell me how to clean them myself from harmful impurities.

I thank her so much for the support and love she has shown me and I feel that many can use the same impact that Carrie has given me.

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