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Reader's Garden

For those of you that are visiting us for the first time, Welcome!

This is truly an amazing sacred space.

You were meant to be here. 

There is much support for every unique individual here. We are improving our crafts everyday.

For our returning guests, Thank You for your loyalty and desire to be part of our community here at Reader's Garden.

My personal goal is to create a Healing Center that will be world renown for our psychic abilities.   A beautiful place, where we all can come together with our special gifts and heal one another.  I have a place ear marked for this in Fallon, Nevada.  I invite everyone to join me in creating this physical sacred space. is big part in reaching more people to help manifest our new retreat.  

Thank you all for your personal contribution.


Reader's Garden

The Reading Services here represent a service from each Reader on our platform. To see the complete list of readings available for each Reader and their pricing, please review the Home Page and Psychic Reader page.  Then click on each button.

Online Readings And Healings

The readings are for educational, spiritual, and entertainment purpose only

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