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Sunrise over the Wheat Field

Classes Available

All classes at the Reno Psychic Institute begin with Energy Work
Call (714) 657-6483 or (775)- 324-2872 for more info

Reno Psychic Institute  -  A safe place to discover your spiritual abilities.

Assisting people in Reno for the last 24 years For Classes, Readings & Healings.

A Personal Invitation from Laura Peppard

Check out our Calendar

Calendar for Carson Intuitive Center

Classes available with Reno Psychic Institute online and in person!

Carson City Intuitive Center

Calendar for Reno Psychic Institute
Classes and events in Carson City, Nevada
Tarot Card Classes are available through Reader's Garden
Call (714) 657-6483 for next class.
Tarot Card Deck
Meditation Classes
(One on One) available in
Spanish and English
Please call (714) 657-6483 for more information

Image by Jared Rice

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